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Dallas Cowboys Deserve Credit for Developing Unheralded Players

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 28, 2010

I’m willing to bet that when you take a glance across various NFL depth-charts, you aren’t going to see too many key players scattered across the roster that were undrafted, or a late round draft pick.

The Dallas Cowboys organization deserves a ton of credit for identifying players that others passed on and developing them into stars in the NFL.

Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff, and Mat McBriar are all Pro-Bowlers, and Romo, Austin, and McBriar were all signed as undrafted free agents, while Ratliff was drafted in the final round by Dallas in 2005.

Key contributors Patrick Crayton, Orlando Scandrick, and Marion Barber were drafted in the seventh, fifth, and fourth rounds respectively as well.

Tony Romo is one of three undrafted Cowboys to be elected to a Pro Bowl.

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Knee Issues Could Potentially Hinder NBA Future of All-Star Paul

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 26, 2010

The human knee is quite possibly the most important part of the body in any form of physical athletics. Notice how I said physical, as poker is not a sport, regardless of whether it is on ESPN or not. Football, basketball, and soccer may be the three most demanding sports on the knee.

When you think about it, the elements and function of the knee are quite amazing: four bones operating together within an area of tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

However, think about how many high-profile athletes that have either had their careers shortened by knee injuries, or suffered a severe, or somewhat-severe knee injury and just weren’t the same player since.

Penny Hardaway comes to mind.  Chris Webber as well.  Even Gale Sayers. 

All three had knee issues in their career, and saw their careers spiral downwards as a direct result.

Recently in the NBA we’ve seen leading assist-man and best point guard in the league Chris Paul, sustain a knee injury that could potentially put him on a path similar to Penny or C-Web later in his career.

While he is under the age of 25, the injury still leaves reason to be concerned for future effects.
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Iowa vs. Indiana — Womens Basketball

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 25, 2010

Iowa took on Indiana tonight in women’s basketball, and came out victorious 76-64.

Link to CoverItLive at 7.
Iowa vs Indiana — Here are a few notes as the game unfolded.

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Shock and Awe: The Real Winners and Losers of the NBA Trade Deadline

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 24, 2010

I can’t remember a more exciting NBA trade-deadline in recent memory.  With it being almost a week since the deadline, I think enough time has passed to determine who has of now, come out ahead.

It was a pretty sweet deadline though.  What a barrage of trades that happened at or near the trade deadline this past Thursday, Feb. 18 at 3 p.m.  It felt like a shock-and-awe theory of war, with several teams pulling the trigger on league-changing deals, leaving many analysts and fans both in awe, unlike previous seasons with a quiet deadline with minimal trades.

Some teams added some missing pieces to a potential deep playoff run, others cleared cap-space for this summer’s free-agent bonanza, and others added a few picks to help them out later down the NBA road.

However, while all teams tried to get better, only a handful of teams actually did get better, whether it be now or down the road via draft or free agency.  While all of the trades didn’t happen right at the deadline, I’m including all trades that happened within five days of the deadline.
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USA: 5, Canada: 3 — America knocks off northern neighbors in Olympic Hockey for first time since 1960

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 21, 2010

I’m usually not too avid of a hockey-watcher, or much of a hockey fan in general, but when it’s for national pride and it’s an all-around great game, it’s next to impossible not to be interested.

Lately it has seemed whenever I do take the time to sit down and watch a game, the game turns out to be fantastic.  The last time I watched more than a period of hockey was game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals this past June.  Every single possession mattered, and every slap of the puck left you on the edge of your seat.  Sid the Kid and the Pittsburgh Penguins eventually defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in some of the best hockey I’d ever seen.
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Super Saints sink Indy 31-17: Saints crowned Super Bowl champions to end NFL season

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 10, 2010

And just like that, it’s the end of the NFL season.

What a season it was though, and in the end, the New Orleans Saints are your 2009 NFL Champions.

I think that in the end the two best teams ended up playing each other, and you’d be hard pressed to find many NFL fans that disagree with that.  Both teams were undefeated going into week 15, but Dallas beat New Orleans in a game that would eventually change the Cowboys’ season, and the Colts would eventually lose to the New York Jets, after pulling their starters in the 3rd quarter the following week.

Point is, both teams started out en-fuego, and the Colts and Saints were clearly the best two teams in the NFL this season.  Being the Cowboys fan that I am, besides hoping that Dallas would win the Super Bowl, I was rooting for a Colts-Saints match up from day one.
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And Then There Were Two — Thoughts on the 2009 NFL Playoffs

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 1, 2010

And Then There Were Two — Thoughts on the 2009 NFL Playoffs

32 teams started training camp with one common goal in early September — getting to, and winning Super Bowl XLIV.  Now, only two teams, the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints have a chance to make their dream a reality in Miami on Feb. 7.

But how did we get to the Super Bowl?
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