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Super Saints sink Indy 31-17: Saints crowned Super Bowl champions to end NFL season

Posted by RichieZ23 on February 10, 2010

And just like that, it’s the end of the NFL season.

What a season it was though, and in the end, the New Orleans Saints are your 2009 NFL Champions.

I think that in the end the two best teams ended up playing each other, and you’d be hard pressed to find many NFL fans that disagree with that.  Both teams were undefeated going into week 15, but Dallas beat New Orleans in a game that would eventually change the Cowboys’ season, and the Colts would eventually lose to the New York Jets, after pulling their starters in the 3rd quarter the following week.

Point is, both teams started out en-fuego, and the Colts and Saints were clearly the best two teams in the NFL this season.  Being the Cowboys fan that I am, besides hoping that Dallas would win the Super Bowl, I was rooting for a Colts-Saints match up from day one.

Not only were the Colts and Saints the best teams, they had the best quarterbacks too.  Peyton Manning won his record fourth MVP award, and Drew Brees set the single season record for completing 70.6-percent of his passes this season.

Brees played outstanding the entire game, taking what the defense gave him, and dropping dimes right and left, directly at the receivers.  After this game, Drew Brees has proved he’s just as good, if not better than Peyton Manning, and deserves to be in the upper-echelon of quarterbacks named Brady and Manning.

What experience?

What happened the all-mighty Super Bowl experience that all the Colts players had?  All we heard was how much Super Bowl experience the Colts had, and how much it would help them.  I’ll give the Colts credit, as they came out and dominated offensively and defensively for the first two series.  After that though, there was little difference.  If anything, the Saints played like the experienced team during crunch time.

For as great as Peyton Manning is, he is criticized for folding under pressure.  A Super Bowl victory in 2006 squashed that talk, however with Manning’s performance in the Super Bowl in crunch time, I think the talk may circulate again.

Had he attained a second Super Bowl win, Manning would have secured himself as either the best, or the second best quarterback of all time.  There is absolutely zero argument otherwise.  The only starting quarterbacks that would have had more rings than him would be Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and Tom Brady.

Not that Super Bowl’s are the determining factor though, but when you also add in the statistics Manning has, and will continue to put up combined with a would-be two rings, and he would be number one on my list.

That didn’t happen though and he threw a pick-six to Tracy Porter with 3:24 remaining, just 28 yards away from tying the game.  This was after he forced two balls into coverage that could have easily been picked off, possibly even housed by New Orleans.

The interception was on Reggie Wayne as well as Manning, however the greatest quarterback of all time does not throw that pick — period.  It’s why calling Brett Favre the best quarterback of all time is a complete joke.  It’s often forgotten, but Favre has by far the most interceptions thrown in NFL history with 317 picks, 40 more than the next closest.  The greatest ever does not turn the ball over that much.

Where does Brees rank?

Brees now has a ring on his finger, and deserves mentioning with the greatest ever.  I’m not sure that he’s top ten yet, but when it’s all said and done he has a shot.  Another ring or two combined with seasons similar to this year, and he’s top-five.  Super Bowls do not make or break a quarterback, but to be considered the greatest, you have to have to win a Super Bowl or two.  Simply winning Super Bowls is not enough either, as you have to match the rings with your own numbers.

Brees has a good chance to get back to, and possibly win another Super Bowl, and if he continues to put up his recent numbers, he has to be mentioned with some of the greatest to ever play.

The only thing that matters to Saints fans, is he was the best quarterback when it mattered most, and arguably the best during the regular season too (completing 70-percent of your passes has to count for something).


The best play of the game was not made by MVP Brees though, but by Chris Reis, a backup and special teams player who recovered the surprise onside kick by the Saints to start the second half.  The recovery was nice, but the call made by head coach Sean Payton was even better.  Payton called an aggressive game, and even when it didn’t work (failed 4th and goal from the 1 yard line, and an end-around that lost 7 yards) he never backed away from his belief and philosophy, and it paid off in the end and it got the city of New Orleans a new and shiny Lombardi trophy.

Why couldn’t Bill Parcells have retired from Dallas after the 2005 season, and have Payton be promoted to head coach in 2006?  Instead, he goes to New Orleans with Brees, Bush, and company, and three years later is a Super Bowl champion.  That’s another story altogether though.

Now with New Orleans crowned champs, all 32 teams are back in the same seat as every other team — preparing for the NFL draft, and starting the whole process over again for a sure-to-be exciting 2010 season.

The seven month stretch without football is always a long one however.


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