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Time to Reassess Who Is Annointed As Role Models

Posted by RichieZ23 on April 15, 2010

The other day I overheard someone say how outraged they were that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife so often.  “Outrage” is not a term that I think should define your feelings toward what someone did, that you have no connection.  “Outraged” is what Tiger’s wife should feel.  As far as I am concerned, everyone else should feel completely indifferent, besides the fact that he was unfaithful.

I know why people get upset about this.  Morally, he did a bad thing.  I understand that.  But, his choices have in no way affected any of us negatively.  Personally, I have no stake in his choice to commit adultery.  I did not watch much professional golf and this has in no way affected my interest level, besides the fact that we get to make Tiger jokes now.  Within five years, the majority of people will have somewhat forgotten that this even happened.

So, I made the above point my response to their statement.  The other person informed me that it sets a bad example for the kids.  That he’s not being a good role model.

Besides his performance on the course, Tiger Woods (or other athletes) should not be viewed as role models in their personal lives. (Photo by Keith Allison)

Role Models

This is where the outrage could take place.    Not at Tiger Woods.  But at parents and society.  At the people who created the role model from someone who plays a game exceptionally well.

Think about it.  Kids didn’t create the idea of a role model.  We looked up to anyone and everyone.  There’s a point-in-time where all kids idolized their parents like super heroes.  It’s not until the kids become older, when they realize their parents lied, that they stop idolizing them.  And all parents lied: lied about how bad something is for you, lied about the tooth fairy, lied about rules.  So, after the parents started losing credibility, they still needed a way to control behavior.  Enter the role model.  “Tiger Woods eats his vegetables, don’t you want to be like Tiger?”

LeBron cleaned his room before he went out to play.”

The initial belief that celebrities are or should be moral role models is extremely flawed.  If you used Tiger Woods as a model for how your child should be for anything besides the golf course, then the mistake is not on him.  You put your trust in someone who you know nothing about besides his dominance on the green.

Well, he’s really good at putting, so he must be a good person.”

And even if Tiger Woods is a generally good person, he still has a wild card in play.  Temptation.  He’s a professional athlete who has attractive women available to him almost at will.  Many guys would do the exact same thing as him if put in the same situation.

Should child’s developments be put on someones willpower?

Culture and Society To Blame

It is our obsession that causes this.  We, as people, feel inadequate about ourselves; we long for fame and fortune.  But, since we are unable to achieve this, we project ourselves on to others.  Why do you think we read US Weekly and People magazine all the time? It’s to feel closer to our celebrities.  But, then we blame them when they fail to live up to our ridiculous standards.  It’s not Tiger’s fault that we have these ridiculous standards.  It’s our own fault.

If we do not want our to continue to be disappointed every time a celebrity checks into drug rehab or engages in promiscuous behavior, maybe it’s time to reassess who we anoint to our children to look up to.


4 Responses to “Time to Reassess Who Is Annointed As Role Models”

  1. danny said

    Very true, and well put.

  2. Justin said

    Yeeeeah, atheletes are no more human then anybody else. They shouldnt be put on such a pedestal.

  3. Matt said

    He is just a guy with an insane amount of money and popularity, the only mistake he really made was getting married. Peyton Manning has the right idea…

  4. Brad said

    great article, well said

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