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Do the Dallas Cowboys Have Enough Balls to go Around?

Posted by RichieZ23 on April 25, 2010

I don’t think anyone can nitpick with regards to talent when it comes to Dallas getting Dez Bryant in the draft. Bryant was the most talented receiver in the draft, and slid all the way to 24 where the Cowboys moved up three spots to select him.

Bryant comes into one of the most talented teams in the league in Dallas. A core of offensive skill players include Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Roy Williams, Pat Crayton, Tashard Choice, and Martellus Bennett.

The question for Dallas now becomes do the Cowboys have enough balls to go around to all their play-makers?

Let’s take a quick look and what to expect from the Dallas offense in 2010.

Will the arrival of Dez Bryant give the Cowboys too many offensive weapons? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)

You figure with the selection of Bryant, Dallas is looking to run more of a pass-oriented offense, which I am a fan of. The “power run” approach failed miserably at times last year when Dallas was in short yardage situations. So let’s assume that on average, Dallas is going to run the ball between 20-40 times per game depending on situations.

In the passing game an estimate of 30-50 passes seems reasonable, for a total of 50-70 plays which is average for your standard NFL game.

How are the Cowboys going to distribute the ball to their plethora of play-makers? While it may be a “problem” if you’d like to call it that, it is a “problem” that every NFL team wants to have.

Lets first take a look at a proposed rushing situation.  Felix Jones will be taking over for Marion Barber as lead back, and if El Gato can stay healthy, he will make the Pro Bowl for sure.  He’s just too explosive not to make it in a more featured role.

Felix 12-18
Marion – 6-12
Tashard 2-8

The receiving side of things may be a bit more difficult.  Below are proposed targets not receptions for receivers and tight ends.

Witten – 8-10
Miles – 8-10
Dez – 4-8
Roy – 4-6
Felix/Barber/Choice: 2-5
Crayton: 2-5
Marty B: 2-4

These are just estimates, but you can never have too many good players on a team.  Certain defenses are going to take away certain options on offense in different games, and you need to be able to adjust with play-makers at multiple positions.  The addition of Bryant is huge for Dallas simply because it gives the Cowboys a game-breaker in the slot to take pressure off Miles Austin and Jason Witten.  Crayton has always been solid in the slot against zone coverage, but does not have the same ability as Bryant.

The Cowboys have plenty of play-makers, and is one of most talented teams in the league, but you can never have too many weapons, and be sure that there will be enough to go around for everyone in 2010.


36 Responses to “Do the Dallas Cowboys Have Enough Balls to go Around?”

  1. Jake said

    You make a valid point, this a definitely a good problem to have. The biggest thing that most people aren’t taking into account in all of this is that players do and will get hurt. Having so many weapons provides Dallas with plenty of depth just in case some of these skill players do get hurt.

    • jobberone said

      Good points by the OP. I’m sure Jason Garrett is beside himself worrying on how to share the ball. /sarcasm Tony Romo has to be dancing over acquiring Dez Bryant.

  2. dm said

    You forgot John Phillips. Just kidding. Good article about my favorite team.

  3. Chip said

    Very interesting take on the “problem”. Although it is nice to have so many playmakers on a team one has to wonder if it will prevent the individual players from getting on any kind of a roll. Great read, thanks!

  4. sam said

    Many teams in the NFL would be hoping to have this kind of a problem! It is rare to go the entire season without major injuries, therefore, it is always beneficial to have capable players that can take over the workload.

  5. sam said

    nice article. With the amount of injuries suffered by teams, it is always beneficial to have multiple options.

  6. Rich said

    Very nice writeup.

    Not trying to nitpick, but you have Romo attempting 30-50 times a game. That’s a bit of a stretch. Might want to lower that to 25-35.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed reading this.

    • RichieZ23 said

      Yeah 50 passes may be a bit high, but I think 25 is too low. Romo never attempted less than 27 attempts in a game last year, and attempted at least 34 passes nine different times.

      I think we will be passing the ball more next year, although if our offense produces the way they’re capable of, he won’t need tons of attempts because they will be making plays down the field.

      So we’ll see.

  7. Zero said

    There are several playmakers on the team and if they all stay healthy, yeah, it’ll be very crowded.

    But chances are they all won’t stay healthy throughout the entire season. Barber, Felix Jones, Marty B, Roy Williams, and I believe Miles Austin all nursed injuries at some point last year. Having a wealth of playmakers means that the team will be more resilient to injury (depending on who gets hurt).

  8. Wesley said

    I believe Romo will have between 30 and 40 attempts per game. At the first of the season I see the majority of the balls going to Austin or Whitten. Slowly more targets will go to Dez if he lives up to his hype.

  9. I don’t think the Cowboys will pass more, just pass more effectively. Last year the Cowboys had problems getting everyone involved with less talent. Also, you double spaced between sentences.

  10. David said

    Not too much id say . Its a big advantage . What worries me is roy williams . it was mentioned alot last year that he needs to get in rhythm etc . He’s going to have less attempts this year so hopefully he can pick it up.

  11. Slatemosphere said

    u suck

  12. Holeintheroof said

    The Cowboys will be fine. Having a lot of playmakers is a good problem to have. I mean, if you look at it, when you line up on defense, who do you key on? I killed a man with my bare hands one night. The Saints and Colts have shown that you can win with great offense and mediocre defenses. Lets go Cowboys!

  13. CL said

    Nice article. One look at our scoring rank last year shows that we needed another big-play guy on offense.

  14. Mike said

    I think the Cowboys will be just fine. You need depth because, let’s face it, injuries are a big part of the NFL. They cerrtainly have depth in the key positions. I think this team has grown up so much in the last year or so, that most of the players are focused toward a common goal as opposed to the personal ego thing.

  15. DallasEast said

    That’s a very good article. The only counterpoint which I would make is towards, “The ‘power run’ approach failed miserably”. In my opinion, it did not capitalize as often as it was employed due to lack of effective blocking execution in its first year being implemented within a base two-tight end scheme. Execution should improve in 2010 due to more experience gained from last season–even with subtraction of Flozell Adams from the offensive line.

    • RichieZ23 said

      No argument from me that the power run approach was due to failed execution along the offensive line. I dont care how good you are at running back, if you’re running into a wall, no running approach is going to work, power or not.

  16. G-Unit said

    Great article….keep up the good work man!!

  17. Bleu said

    That list makes 24 balls. I would say they have plenty to be shared amongst the groupies.

  18. Rodney Mays said

    This is a problem that the Rams wished they had.

  19. Sam said

    You make some good points. I have to agree that there will be more passes thrown, which probably means more blitz looks from the defense. Not sure we can hold up to that. Bryant looks to be a good possession receiver, a bit in the Irving style. He is not afraid to take the slant route across the middle. This is what we need against the blitz. Williams just can’t do that. But… I don’t know that Bryant is ready for that in 2010.
    Good write up. I would have liked for you to discuss coaching strategies for keeping guys happy when they don’t feel they are getting the ball enough. Does this coaching team have what it takes to keep them happy?
    Good job on getting fan’s input and making us think!

  20. ACF said

    Good Article.

    Unless Martellus picks it up all his catches could be going to Phillips.

  21. Nice job with the analysis of who gets targeted. I don’t think Crayton gets as many hits after the first few games though, ans Bryant is going to emerge rather quickly. But, you raise a very good point: Too many stars for too few balls to go around. This could be one heck of an offense if everyone stays healthy, and by the way, they can’t drop passes.

  22. DeathStar said

    Nice article. Assuming that the O-line is sufficient, the Dallas Cowboys offense will be very explosive this year. Dez Bryant is a great addition. It just seems like he was meant to be a Cowboy.

  23. BS said

    Dez is going to be a beast.

  24. goons said

    Good job. Hope you keep blogging.

  25. Noober said

    Ask the Saints if there is a problem with too many offensive weapons. If we are able to run between the tackles this year (without completely relying on the draw) our offense will be truly scary.

  26. John said

    I don’t think you can ever have enough weapons, so long as there egos don’t get in the way.

  27. kboyer said

    I do not believe you can ever have too many playmakers in today’s NFL. Recent successful teams have been loaded with talent. The key will be how Garrett distributes the ball.

    Really good article!

  28. Danny White said

    You raise some good points.

    I think you may be overestimating the number of targets Roy and Marty will be seeing.

    I’m extremely interested to see how the carries break down among the backs.

  29. Baz said

    No mention of Kevin Ogletree I am disappoint…

    Also Witten will lose his starting role to Sicko by seasons end.

  30. Sitting Bull said

    Plenty of balls to go around on a team with no divas. The running back-by-committee is a proven winner, especially if Barber settles back into the closer role. Bryant will be worked into the mix slowly next year. Best case scenario, the 2010 Cowboys may be a team with no clear-cut WR1, exploiting matchups each game with a different player taking over. Great problem to have!

  31. PJ said

    It’s hasn’t been confirmed by the Dallas Cowboys that Felix has been named the starter. As for the passing game, you can never have enough threats on the field. Let the defenses worry about who to cover, Cowboys last thing they need is worry about what they have and how to use it.

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