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Major League Baseball — Why I Just Don’t Care (Until August)

Posted by RichieZ23 on April 26, 2010

So we’re getting to the point in the baseball season where the “newness” factor has worn off.  Everyone loves opening day for a sport.  I love opening day for baseball, and I’m not the most avid baseball fan like most others are.  I like the Cubs, but I can’t call them “my team” like I do with the Hawkeyes or Cowboys.

It’s almost a lose-lose scenario for me though.  I’m not that thrilled when they win a game, but it sucks when I watch them play, and they end up blowing the game in the late innings like always.  I don’t think the Cubs have the talent this year to compete for a division title or a wildcard this year, but I still enjoy a good game of baseball like everyone else.  However there is only one problem.  There are no good games of baseball until August — at the earliest.

162 games in a MLB season makes the individual game almost meaningless in the grand course of a season.

Unless a record is broken, who cares what happens in one out of 162 games?  Seriously, one game by itself doesn’t mean anything, even a series between two teams is not that much of a factor in the grand scheme of things.  The only reason I watch baseball in the summer is to watch a potential home-run race, and sit back and see bombs hit out of stadiums.  Rarely do I watch entire games, rather than simply watching highlights.

However, once August and September comes rolling around, and every pitch matters, it’s a whole different ball game.

Baseball offers something that few, if any sports offer, in the sense that there is a buildup of anticipation before every pitch, and then there’s a fraction of a second as to whether contact is made and the ball is put into play.  But when it’s the regular season and singular pitches don’t carry much of an impact, it’s hard for me to get excited about games that do not hold much consequence in the course of a season.

There is nothing like playoff baseball when everyone in the stadium is on their feet, and everyone watching on TV are on the edge of their seat at the bottom of the ninth in a close game.  Every single windup matters.  Every single pitch plays a major role in the outcome of a season not simply a game.

While I’m always down for a trip to the ol’ ballgame, frankly I just don’t care until at least August, and especially playoff time.


One Response to “Major League Baseball — Why I Just Don’t Care (Until August)”

  1. Josh Q said

    Agreed. I think July 15th is the magic number. The excitement of the wild card race in baseball is because of the volume of teams that are still in it. You watch a team get hot like the Rockies did a couple of years ago and it just takes off.

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