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Cavaliers Are Still Alive In Playoff Series Despite 32-point Embarrassment

Posted by RichieZ23 on May 12, 2010

Alright, just when did winning three games in a best-of-seven series win a team the series?  Anyone?  The last time I checked, you still have to win four games to advance, and the Boston Celtics have won just three so far.  Yet it seems to be a foregone conclusion to many people that the series is over, Lebron is bolting for New York, and he’s suddenly deserving of the MVP.

Get real people.

The Celtics have been all over James so far -- but the series is not over yet. (Photo by Michael Dwyer / AP)

King James

Look I’m one of the biggest Lebron haters out there (which makes it somewhat hard to understand why I’m sticking up for him) but let’s get serious people.  This series is far from over, regardless the 32-point home loss last night for Cleveland.  Boston was in this same situation last year, up 3-2 against Orlando, yet allowed Orlando to win the next two straight and advance, despite holding home-court advantage.  Getting blown out in a playoff game is often times better than losing a close game.

We saw the reaction from Boston after losing by 29 in game 3, yet we want to assume the series is over after the roles have been flipped for Game 5?

Look, Lebron is the second best player in the league, and the most athletically gifted.  As we’ve all seen before he is capable of taking over games and series, and there is no reason to believe that just because of a few bad games and a supposed “lack of passion” that he will not be able to get it going for the remainder of the series.  Yes his jump-shot is inconsistent, yes his teammates don’t help him out by “Lebron watching” on several possessions, but this same team still managed to secure the best record in the league.

Cavs Go As Lebron Goes

The Celtics deserve credit for their defense on Lebron, but everyone can see that Lebron is simply not playing well.  However all a player of his caliber needs are a few drives to the basket and strong finishes before it can be turned around.  We all know the Cavs go as Lebron goes.  Rarely do his teammates help him out by hitting shots when Lebron isn’t on his A-game.  But on the contrary, if he does get it going and the team plays with confidence, Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams, and Anthony Parker are all capable of hitting shots, it just has yet to be seen if they can do it in crunch time.

On the defensive end the Cavs face a tougher battle than on the offensive end, as Rajon Rondo has given them fits all series.  Perhaps it’s time to listen to Kenny Smith when he says you have to stop playing off Rondo and giving him clear sight of all developing passing lanes.  While there is little respect for Rondo’s jumper, sagging off him and baiting him to shoot simply gives him comfort and room to see the floor and his teammates even better.

The Cavs have yet to show they match up with Boston’s talent and depth, but if Lebron gets going, none of that matters anymore.

While it will indeed be an uphill battle for Cleveland, the series is far from over.  Lebron is more than capable of flipping a switch, and when that switch is on, it is a tough task for teams to beat Cleveland.


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