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…big ballin' is my hobby…

  • July 2018
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About Richie Z 23

I have created this blog to express my thoughts about what’s good regarding the sports world.

I urge you to comment on the articles that you find interesting, I check and respond to comments regularly, so if you feel you need to speak your mind regarding a post I made, please do.

I have been employed by hawkeyesports.com since September of 2008 covering a variety of sports.

I am a fan of all sports, and watch various types, and find them all interesting in their own way.  However I watch sports a little bit differently than your casual fan.  I watch them in my own way rather than simply watching teams score points.  If you’re like me, you know exactly what I mean when I say watching games differently.  If you’re just the casual fan who watches sports at their face value that’s fine too though.

I am 22, soon to be 23 years old and will soon be graduating from the University of Iowa.  I have a passion for sports, but more specifically the Iowa Hawkeyes and Dallas Cowboys.

Oh and one more thing, big ballin’ is my hobby.

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