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Major League Baseball — Why I Just Don’t Care (Until August)

Posted by RichieZ23 on April 26, 2010

So we’re getting to the point in the baseball season where the “newness” factor has worn off.  Everyone loves opening day for a sport.  I love opening day for baseball, and I’m not the most avid baseball fan like most others are.  I like the Cubs, but I can’t call them “my team” like I do with the Hawkeyes or Cowboys.

It’s almost a lose-lose scenario for me though.  I’m not that thrilled when they win a game, but it sucks when I watch them play, and they end up blowing the game in the late innings like always.  I don’t think the Cubs have the talent this year to compete for a division title or a wildcard this year, but I still enjoy a good game of baseball like everyone else.  However there is only one problem.  There are no good games of baseball until August — at the earliest.

162 games in a MLB season makes the individual game almost meaningless in the grand course of a season.

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Babe Ruth: Just How Great Was He? A Look Back at the Sultan of Swat.

Posted by RichieZ23 on March 10, 2010

Babe Ruth.  The Great Bambino.  The Sultan of Swat.  Whatever you want to call him, George Herman Ruth is one of the best baseball players to ever step foot on a baseball diamond, and by far the most influential.  Quite simply, no one has ever revolutionized the game of baseball like Ruth has.

Ruth signed his first professional contract with a minor league club on Valentine’s Day 1914 that was that start of one of the most game-changing careers in sports history.

Babe Ruth revolutionized the game of baseball like the world had never seen

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